[pygtk] Re: ANNOUNCE: GnomePython 2.12.1

Rich Burridge Rich.Burridge at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 4 00:41:21 WST 2005

Johan Dahlin wrote:

> This is found as gtk.glade

Thanks (and to Germán who also mentioned it).

>>   "import pygtk"                  External
> You also have: gtk.keysyms, gtk.gdk and gtk.compat (for some 
> compatilibity with ancient versions)
> Not needed, only a wrapper for handling multiple installed versions.
> Note that some parts of the documentation still needs to be written,
> atk is completely missing for instance.


>> What I don't seem to be able to find is the equivalent for PyORBIT
>> or gnome-python. I've just downloaded the source tarball at:
> There's as far as I know no documentation for gnome-python or pyorbit.
> The easiest way to get a list of APIs is to write a script which goes
> through all the modules and introspects them (using 
> dir/getattr/isinstance).

Thanks. Germán can up with something else that I think will work nicely:

 > In python is possible to try:
 > >>>import gconf
 > >>>help(gconf)

I will also be able to do this for the PyGtk doc and bring it all
into files in the architecture project case directory (thereby making
a snapshot of the actual documentation).

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