[pygtk] Treeview drag'drop chap14

mc collilieux mccnews at free.fr
Thu Oct 6 04:46:34 WST 2005

John Finlay wrote:
> Doug Quale wrote:

> Just an addition to Doug's excellent response. In PyGTK 2.6 the 
> set+pixbuf() and get_pixbuf() methods were added to the SelectionData 
> class for DND of pixbufs. Also look at the 
> gtk.target_list_add_image_targets() function and the 
> gtk.SelectionData.targets_include_image() method for additional help. 

Thanks to you two for your replies. I was too focused on my little 
treeview to see DnD is more larger than only that i want to do. Doug's 
explanations are very clear. And i had retrieved an old discuss and a 
little program write by John to see what targets type application can 

And with the help of freedesktop.org for more theory, I think i can go 
well prepared.
Thanks again.

Marie-Claude Collilieux

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