[pygtk] obsolete Win32 binaries

Ivan, Wong Yat Cheung email at ivanwong.info
Sun Oct 9 13:51:31 WST 2005


Cedric Gustin wrote:
> For pygtk 2.8, well it builds fine on win32. As there is still no
> gladewin32 installer available for GTK+ 2.8.
I am still not sure about this. IIRC, the last time Tor said that 2.8 
doesn't -fully- work on win32. I may be wrong or out-updated. Please do 
tell me if you think I should start a new branch for GDE/GRE 2.8. As the 
guy who's responsible for packaging Gnumeric/Win32, I will keep updating 
these unofficial packages of Gtk+/Win32 (GDE/GRE) for my convenience, no 

BTW, I think every programmer who use GNU stuff on win32 suffers from 
the fact that no solid packaging system exists on this platform. A year 
ago I tried to port dpkg and its friends to win32 with a little success. 
No, dpkg.exe (.exe? yes, it can be compiled) is not working yet, though 
dpkg-deb.exe dpkg-split.exe do (even with wine!). I still want to carry 
on, but I have less time than before. Is there anybody who is interested 
in joining this project? Please let me know and probably I will start a 
project on SF.

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