[pygtk] Tooltips question

Andrew Conkling andrew.conkling at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 03:17:04 WST 2005

I was wondering if it'd be possible to inherit gtk.Tooltips() to be
able to add a GTK object (e.g. a progress bar or such) to them.  PyGTK
FAQ 6.4 (http://www.async.com.br/faq/pygtk/index.py?req=show&file=faq06.004.htp)
seems like it may be helpful, but I'm not sure.  Unfortunately, at the
moment there's a disconnect to the tune of pending DSL between the
internet and my Linux box, so I'm unable to read documentation as I'm
working.  Makes this all seems very nebulous....

Thanks in advance,


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