[pygtk] request for patch review

Christian Krause krause.chr at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 05:18:10 WST 2005


I reported a week ago a bug of pygtk using gnome's bugzilla. I've even
added a patch which solves the problem. Unfortunately there was no
reaction to this bug report.


In short: gtk.require() function appends a wrong path to the python
search path in case the python script is located in /usr/lib where a
subdirectory gtk-2.0 exists (which does _not_ contain the pygtk
modules). Because of this pygtk scripts can't be run if there are
located in /usr/lib (if the conditions above are true). The full
explanation is in the bug report.

I ask you kindly to review my bug report and the attached patch.
Thank you very much in  advance.

Best regards,

The link on http://www.pygtk.org/developer.html to the unreviewed
patches is outdated, because the PATCH keyword is not used any more in
gnome's bugzilla.You should update the link to this URL:

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