[pygtk] Glade Application Examples?

Chris Spencer gmane.20.evilspam at spamgourmet.com
Fri Oct 14 13:25:10 WST 2005

I've been using Glade to design some Gnome applications. However, I've
been having an extremely difficult time trying to load the glade file
with pyGTK. The few examples I've found only cover extremely simple GTK
programs. When I try to load my Gnome application in a similar way I get
the error:

GnomeUI-ERROR **: You must call gnome_program_init() before creating a

This function doesn't appear to be listed in the docs, and Google only
returns posts of people asking about this function...and finding little.

Does anyone know of pyGTK Gnome application examples, or better yet, a
Python code generator for glade files? I've found glc and gladepyc, but
they both appear to be dead projects.


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