[pygtk] Glade Application Examples?

Steve McClure smcclure at racemi.com
Fri Oct 14 19:39:39 WST 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 01:25 -0400, Chris Spencer wrote:
> I've been using Glade to design some Gnome applications. However, I've
> been having an extremely difficult time trying to load the glade file
> with pyGTK. The few examples I've found only cover extremely simple GTK
> programs. When I try to load my Gnome application in a similar way I get
> the error:
> GnomeUI-ERROR **: You must call gnome_program_init() before creating a
> GnomeApp
> This function doesn't appear to be listed in the docs, and Google only
> returns posts of people asking about this function...and finding little.

Basically something like this.  I run this on RedHat 9 and it had
different handing of the app-data property than the newer versions so
you might not need the both of those chunks.
import gtk
import gtk.glade
import gnome

    props = { gnome.PARAM_APP_DATADIR : '/usr/share'}
    prog = gnome.program_init('dcsrvmon', '1.0', properties=props)
    prog = gnome.program_init('dcsrvmon', '1.0')
    prog.set_property('app-datadir', '/usr/share')

self.tree = gtk.glade.XML('./dcsrvmon.glade','logWindow')
dict = {'on_logWindowCloseBtn_clicked': self.logWindowClose,
        'on_logWindowHelpBtn_clicked': self.logWindowHelp,
        'on_logWindow_delete_event': self.logWindowClose,
> Does anyone know of pyGTK Gnome application examples, or better yet, a
> Python code generator for glade files? I've found glc and gladepyc, but
> they both appear to be dead projects.

I wouldn't really recommend that anyway.  Why bother with code
generation when you load everything with just a couple of calls anyway.
You might want to look at Kiwi for a model of setting up Glade based
classes.  I do something similar in my code.  A class attribute names
the glade file and a base class loads file and autoconnects with all the
methods in the class.

> Chris
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