[pygtk] Question about row selection in treeview/listview

Hussein Vastani hvastani at vt.edu
Tue Oct 18 03:11:29 WST 2005

Hello all, 
I have a treeview in my application and I'm trying to figure out how to 
'select' individual cells in the treeview. By 'select', I mean either
a) That particular cell gets highlighted, or
b) The entire row gets highlighted but the particular cell that I am 
interested in has a different background color ( other than the blue ), or a 
thick border
Other option (since Im not clear abt how to implement any of the above), that 
I tried is setting the mode of the cellrenderer to 
gtk.CELL_RENDERER_MODE_ACTIVATABLE, but i can see that the cell gets activated 
ONLY when i use my keyboard and not when I click the cell with my mouse.
Bottom line is that I am trying some way to show the user that he/she has 
selected a particular cell in the tree view.

Im sure someone mustve implemented the above or some variant of it to achieve 
the same purpose. Can you give me some ideas on its implementation in pygtk

Any help is appreciated


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