[pygtk] delete-event with multiple windows from different classes???

Chris Irish chris.irish at libertydistribution.com
Fri Oct 21 01:53:43 WST 2005

yeah i'll try that...... but one more thing..... if I delete all those 
windows doesn't the main loop keep running?  Do I need to have all these 
seperate window classes reference the class that instansiates them to 
kill the mainloop? Or will it stop if there are no more windows?

Jeremy Moles wrote:

>I can't think of a really easy to do it--there's a gtk.WindowGroup
>object that might be better, but...
>As long as you keep a container of "handles" to these windows, just make
>the encompassing Window's call them iteratively:
>windowlist = (window1(), window2(), window3())
>foo.connect("delete-event", self.DeleteAllWindows)
>def DeleteAllWindows(self, widget):
>	for w in windowlist:
>		w.delete()
>Am I misunderstanding what you're asking? :)
>On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 09:43 -0700, Chris Irish wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>  Let me setup my question real quick...... If I have four python 
>>classes and within each of these classes I have a different GUI window 
>>being created.  Meaning I have all the widget creation and functionality 
>>of each GUI within their respective class.  Then I import these four 
>>classes into another class making a instance of each imported class and 
>>calling the gtk main loop to start everything.
>>So far so good. But how do you handle delete-events when working with 
>>multiple windows from different classes?  Is there a default way you're 
>>suppose to handle things?  For example, how can I have all the windows 
>>close and the main loop quit by closing one of the imported windows?  
>>Right now when I close a window, just that window closes but the rest of 
>>the program keeps going.
>>Thanks in advance for any help,
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