[pygtk] gnome canvas :: transparent fill_color in non-anti-aliased mode

Suresh Jeevanandam jm.suresh at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 02:28:13 WST 2006

Hi, when the gnome canvas is created with aa=3DFalse the performance (speed)
is generally good compared to the anti-aliased mode. In fact, in my CAD
viewer, I do not require anti-aliased mode as I have only raw figures like
rectangles, polygons etc and any smoothing effect is not required.
But the anti-aliased mode has a very good feature, which allows to have
transparent fill colors. Now I am using aa=3DTrue mode just to have this
transparency as I have to show overlapping regions also.
Is there any way to get transparent fill colors in the aa=3DFalse mode.

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