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Peter Morgan pm at daffodil.uk.com
Mon Dec 25 19:48:32 WST 2006

As a new user to the platform I'm inclined to agree on most of these points.

I also maintain the Smarty.php.net docs and am an active member of =

developer.mozilla.com so I understand some of the problems with doc/site =


There are a few points I'd like to throw in for my "tuppany's" worth, =

and would also like to contribute as I'm now using pyGTK for all desktop =

(x-platfrom) apps. Next year will be pygtk  for me and am so looking =


Biggest problem in my opinion is that the site is not sure whether its =

catering for the pygtk developers, or the end users.

The tutorial/manual should have users comments. This will at least =

provide an user with a tip to a problem already solved and it is =

invaluable and highly relevant. The php net site do this and also the =

xulplanet web site. Indeed I would say than particularly with xulplanet =

most of the useful part of the tutorial is in the user comments. I also =

think that user comments do eventually work their way into the =

manual/tutorial and should be treated as such. eg a good comment =

demonstrating an example should be integrated into the manual and the =

comment deleted. As far as submitting the comment, the php.net site seem =

to have it sussed regarding spam and the implementation could be =

nicked.. oops sorry, ahem.. the un-patented business method used as an =


Whether the tutorial should be in a wiki? This is a big step and indeed =

a lot of my time spent on dev.mozilla is in migrating documents. Its =

wonderful to see how over time it gets crafted with links here and =

little tweaks. The biggest problem with a wiki in addition to CPU =

resources is authentication and rouge editors, however these do tend to =

be few and far between from my experience - if wikipedia can survive it =

then i don't see a big problem. If I was to recommend a wiki then I =

would suggest Bitweaver.

As far as the tutorials go there is a mega one there already at =

http://pygtk.org/pygtk2tutorial/ thansk to John Finlay, last updated in =

March 2006, This is good, however its more like a Guide book than a =

tutorial  imho. Some of the most invaluable tutorials appear off the =

main site, eg one that helped me was the pygtk with glade. Couldn't =

these appear on the main pygtk site? it would make it more official and =

up to a coding standard.

One of the most valuable resources is the pygtk FAQ - however sometimes =

its slow. Again shouldn't this be on the main site and maintained? =

www.async.com.br/*faq*/*pygtk*/index.py. Mainly so editors have =

permission with one common login

Also one last point is for windows users, they are the biggest market. =

Indeed I checked pygtk, then went for mono and gtk# and after 2 days, =

realised that the install to windows was going to be a nightmare and =

came back to pygtk ;-). I've even been thinking about creating a =

"Windows install pack" than installs python, gtk, pygtk, cairo.. the =

whole lot, just for my own deployments. It took me sometime to figure it =

out and as a newbie, getting my head around all the versions was =

confusing to say the least, particularly as a lot of the elements were =

on different other sites. Windows users expect to have an installer, =

that's one of the great things about vb.net. Maybe NSIS would be a good =

solution http://nsis.sourceforge.net/ ?

Anyway, just some thoughts. Keep of the good work and I want to contribute.

Happy Xmas and Merry new Year..

Pete :-)

whaw.. its xmas day, better go and stuff that turkey

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Hi there,
> pachi and I was talking few days ago about the actual situation of the =

> pygtk.org <http://pygtk.org> website.
> The discussion started because I have some complaints about the pygtk =

> tutorial, because it doesn't help to people who want to learn what =

> pyGtk is and how to use it. However, the tutorial is the most obvious =

> item on the documentation section, so people are using it to learn how =

> to use the platform (which is a wrong choice). Some articles seems =

> like a better choice for that.
> Then, he started to tell me some data from Google Analytics, and we =

> realized that we're not taking care about the most important profiles =

> of our target audience. We both realized that the whole website needs =

> to be reorganized.
> We had a long conversation about usability and marketing issues about =

> the website. And we need to address those conclusions and ideas into =

> effective work.
> I have started a wiki page http://live.gnome.org/PyGTK/Website, where =

> we should put the state of the art, the conclusions and our plans.
> I also think that we should have an IRC meeting for the pygtk.org =

> <http://pygtk.org> mini-revamp :) (at least, pachi and me).
> What about wednesday 22:00 GMT+0?
> -- =

> Un saludo,
> Alberto Ruiz
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