[pygtk] Pygtk.org website IRC Meeting

Rafael Villar Burke pachi at rvburke.com
Mon Dec 25 23:08:16 WST 2006

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Hi there,
> pachi and I was talking few days ago about the actual situation of the
> pygtk.org <http://pygtk.org> website.
Hi again :)!
> The discussion started because I have some complaints about the pygtk
> tutorial, because it doesn't help to people who want to learn what
> pyGtk is and how to use it.
Well, the point wasn't about the tutorial, but with the need to more
prominently show some other quick intro articles. IMHO the tutorial is
still the best resource to properly learn PyGTK, but those articles
would help to have a quick and dirty overview of the platform.
> However, the tutorial is the most obvious item on the documentation
> section, so people are using it to learn how to use the platform
> (which is a wrong choice). Some articles seems like a better choice
> for that.
> Then, he started to tell me some data from Google Analytics, and we
> realized that we're not taking care about the most important profiles
> of our target audience. We both realized that the whole website needs
> to be reorganized.
We ended up agreeing that some sites, like the ruby on rails one have a
very well designed interaction scheme. Information is very handy for the
target audience, with something like the following categories "know
about", "get", "learn", "understand more deeply" and "participate" shown
in big buttons. It's easy where to find the information you want using

Besides that, we saw that, apart from the documentation, people wanting
to install pygtk were making the bulk of our visits. A lot of them use
windows, but we have that installer at the end of the page, while most
*nix users that run it use their distribution packages and the package
names can't be found in our site.

Having a combined installer to get python and pygtk+, pygtk and glade,
and/or a commented template NSIS configuration file to help users build
installers for their apps would rock.
> We had a long conversation about usability and marketing issues about
> the website. And we need to address those conclusions and ideas into
> effective work.
We should definetly try to better organize the website. It has a lot of
information and we mainly need to deliver it to users in a more
efficient way.
> I have started a wiki page http://live.gnome.org/PyGTK/Website, where
> we should put the state of the art, the conclusions and our plans.
> I also think that we should have an IRC meeting for the pygtk.org
> <http://pygtk.org> mini-revamp :) (at least, pachi and me).
> What about wednesday 22:00 GMT+0?
I won't be able to have a good enough connection neither time till after
2nd of january :(.

Take care, and happy holidays!

Rafael Villar Burke, aka 'pachi'

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