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jo Maquiling jomc_jr at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 07:29:42 WST 2006

Peter Morgan napisa³(a):

> Also one last point is for windows users, they are the biggest market.
> Indeed I checked pygtk, then went for mono and gtk# and after 2 days,
> realised that the install to windows was going to be a nightmare and
> came back to pygtk ;-). I've even been thinking about creating a
> "Windows install pack" than installs python, gtk, pygtk, cairo.. the
> whole lot, just for my own deployments. It took me sometime to figure it
> out and as a newbie, getting my head around all the versions was
> confusing to say the least, particularly as a lot of the elements were
> on different other sites. Windows users expect to have an installer,
> that's one of the great things about vb.net. Maybe NSIS would be a good
> solution http://nsis.sourceforge.net/ ?

I believe NSIS is good enough in creating a windows installer in pygtk.  There are available  tutorials on this one in the internet and I believe should be included also in the wiki.  First create the exe using the py2exe and and selected pygtk dll. I have  an application for windows which i've packaged using NSIS. 

Merry Christmas  and happy new year to all :D

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