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Peter Morgan pm at daffodil.uk.com
Tue Dec 26 08:18:57 WST 2006

IN response to my own post earlier... re windows users

The issue for me was for the developers wanting to start on pygtk as a 
development platform

That requires
gtk - the core gtk c+= engine
glade - libglade and the designer
and others.. ?
and packaging all the above up with NSIS

although the same can be said for application deployment which is almost 
another issue altogether

It appears though from all the responses that this would be an issue 
that needs to be addressed for windows users, unlike me and by apt-get ;-)


jo Maquiling wrote:
> Peter Morgan napisa³(a):
>     > Also one last point is for windows users, they are the biggest
>     market.
>     > Indeed I checked pygtk, then went for mono and gtk# and after 2
>     days,
>     > realised that the install to windows was going to be a nightmare and
>     > came back to pygtk ;-). I've even been thinking about creating a
>     > "Windows install pack" than installs python, gtk, pygtk, cairo.. the
>     > whole lot, just for my own deployments. It took me sometime to
>     figure it
>     > out and as a newbie, getting my head around all the versions was
>     > confusing to say the least, particularly as a lot of the
>     elements were
>     > on different other sites. Windows users expect to have an installer,
>     > that's one of the great things about vb.net. Maybe NSIS would be
>     a good
>     > solution http://nsis.sourceforge.net/ ?
> I believe NSIS is good enough in creating a windows installer in 
> pygtk.  There are available  tutorials on this one in the internet and 
> I believe should be included also in the wiki.  First create the exe 
> using the py2exe and and selected pygtk dll. I have  an application 
> for windows which i've packaged using NSIS.
> Merry Christmas  and happy new year to all :D
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