[pygtk] PyGTK Installer(Was: Pygtk.org website IRC Meeting)

Peter Morgan pm at daffodil.uk.com
Wed Dec 27 19:52:04 WST 2006

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> I think I need to set up a webpage, svn and bugzilla for this. I would 
> like to merge this into a common project inside the gnome project 
> (they're migrating from CVS to SVN so it's a good moment to do it) 
> with Cedric Gustin, I'm waiting for his opinion and I hope to have the 
> proper tools to address this issues.
Think that is a very good idea.
One of my main criticisms is that all the windows stuff is all over the 

gtk site point at the gimp site , so
gimp site points to glade at sf.net
etc... etc
The stuff is all over the place.

It should all really be available on the pygtk website

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