[pygtk] PyGTK Installer(Was: Pygtk.org website IRC Meeting)

Peter Morgan pm at daffodil.uk.com
Wed Dec 27 22:25:02 WST 2006

Started a list here as well to keep track of where things are


or maybe it should be on the wiki ?

Hopefully this will form a basic info of the "installer and download" 

Be interesting to see what else woul dbe included.. eg I always end up 
installing ConfigObj for windows .ini files


Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> 2006/12/25, Peter Morgan <pm at daffodil.uk.com 
> <mailto:pm at daffodil.uk.com>>:
>     IN response to my own post earlier... re windows users
>     The issue for me was for the developers wanting to start on pygtk as a
>     development platform
>     That requires
>     python2.5
>     gtk - the core gtk c+= engine
>     pygtk
>     glade - libglade and the designer
>     cairo
>     and others.. ?
>     and packaging all the above up with NSIS
> Done! I've spent the chrismas day doing it.
> What I've done is a bundled installer that takes:
> * Python 2.5  .msi installer
> * Gtk+ 2.10 runtime from gladewin32
> * PyGTK, PyCairo and PyGObject from ftp.gnome.org <http://ftp.gnome.org>
> And performs silent installation where possible.
> pygtk, pycairo and pygobject installers are built with distutils,  and 
> it's impossible to perform silent installs so three fullscreen dialogs 
> are shown at the lastest phase of the installer.
> You can gran the installer and the .nsi script from here:
> http://osl.ulpgc.es/~arc/gnome/pygtk-setup.exe 
> <http://osl.ulpgc.es/%7Earc/gnome/pygtk-setup.exe>
> http://osl.ulpgc.es/~arc/gnome/pygtk-setup.nsi 
> <http://osl.ulpgc.es/%7Earc/gnome/pygtk-setup.nsi>
> If you would like to play with the script, you need to download all 
> the installers cited above and rename it according to the following 
> constants inside the script (or change the constant values):
>       !define GTK_RUNTIME_INSTALLER "gtk-runtime.exe"
>       !define PYTHON_RUNTIME_INSTALLER "python-2.5.msi"
>       !define PYGTK_MODULE_INSTALLER "pygtk-win32-py2.5.exe"
>       !define PYCAIRO_MODULE_INSTALLER " pycairo-win32-py2.5.exe"
>       !define PYGOBJECT_MODULE_INSTALLER "pygobject-win32-py2.5.exe"
> I'd really appreciate any improvement on the nsi script.
> If you dive into it, you would find a lot of TODO comments, they show 
> the most important problems.
> Let me know what you think about it, any comments or help is welcome.
> -- 
> Un saludo,
> Alberto Ruiz 

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