[pygtk] pango markup in a liststore

Pascal DUCHATELLE pduchatelle at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 1 15:45:02 WST 2006

 I am trying to use the pango markup in a liststore.
 when I fill the liststore made of one column the display uses the markup i.e. it displays the superscript and subscript OK. When I use the exact same stratgy to fil a liststore with more than on column it does not display the super- and subscript anymore.
 Anyone has any idea ?
 bits of code
 first .....
 data_list=cur.fetchall() # from a sql request
 (  COLUMN_TITLE ) = range(1)
 then .....
         self.liststore = gtk.ListStore(gobject.TYPE_STRING) 
         for item in data_list:
             iter = self.liststore.append()
                 COLUMN_TITLE[0], item[COLUMN_TITLE[0]]) 
 # here I use the indes [0] because obviously the one item list doesn't work ok for this construction
 then again........
         self.view = gtk.TreeView( model )
         self.renderer = gtk.CellRendererText()
         self.column0 = gtk.TreeViewColumn("Pango Markup", self.renderer, markup=0)
 I removed the def and so on...
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