[pygtk] saving text with layout

Pascal DUCHATELLE pduchatelle at yahoo.fr
Mon Oct 2 15:48:11 WST 2006


Still trying to use pango markup (and other) in a textview (at least). I used the pygtk demo file testext.py which is a basic text editor. There is a menu that allows the user to load an aexample file containing many text demo features (background color, greek, hebew, german, arabic characters, inserting image. I think I remember bold, italic, etc.)
Anyway I save the file with the save menu option. When I loaded back the saved file, all the layout (I'm not sure layout is the appropriate word) was gone.
Is this just for display or is there something wrong in what I'm doing ? How do one saves the layout (the bold, italic, and so on modifications done on the text) ?

Thank you for your help.


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