[pygtk] back to my tree view

shawn bright nephish at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 06:28:20 WST 2006

ok, i have my tree view and populated with a list like the tutorial said,
however, i need a way to refresh the list.
here is what i have so far

self.group_treeiter =3D self.group_model.get_iter_first()
for name in name_list:
            self.treeiter =3D self.group_model.append(None,name)
self.group_column =3D gtk.TreeViewColumn('Groups')
self.view =3D gtk.CellRendererText()
self.group_column.pack_start(self.view, True)
self.group_column.add_attribute(self.view, 'text', 0)

it works so far, but when i run it again, instead of clearing out the list
view, it starts a new column.
this just cannot be. Anyone see off hand what i am doing wrong here?

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