[pygtk] how to clear a combo box entry

Sebastian Pölsterl marduk at k-d-w.org
Fri Oct 27 03:30:34 WST 2006

shawn bright schrieb:
> lo there all,
> i am using a GtkComboBoxEntry in an app i used glade to build. Now, i 
> know how to add items to it, and i think even remove items from it, but 
> i do not know how to clear all the items out of one.
> i mean, lets say  that when i built the box in glade, i used the items 
> entry in the properties dialog to enter 4 items.
> cheese shop, holy grail, meaning of life, and dead parrot. Now the GUI 
> loads with these items, but how do i get rid of them to replace them 
> with something else?
> thanks
> sk
Hi there!

Just call clear() on the TreeModel you associated with the ComboBoxEntry.

In other words:

Sebastian Pölsterl

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