[pygtk] query-tooltip problems

Johan Dahlin johan at gnome.org
Fri Jan 18 20:38:47 WST 2008

Gary Jaffe wrote:
> Hi Everyone --
> I want to catch when the mouse is hovered over a certain widget and call 
>  a method at the same time a tooltip popup would appear.
> So I connected the widget to the query-tooltip signal like this.
> widget.set_tooltip_text("Hello World!")
> widget.connect("query-tooltip", self.hover)
> But self.hover is called as soon as the mouse enters the widget's 
> allocation.  There is no delay.  There is, however, a delay for the 
> appearance of the tooltip.
> Does anyone know how can I call self.hover at the same time a tooltip 
> appears?

I think this is a delay internal to gtk+, and it's very likely set for a 
reason. You do want to wait a little bit (< 0.5 sec) before displaying the 
tooltips, otherwise you would just disturb the users who just want to use
the applications and are not interested in hints on how to use it.


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