[pygtk] PROBLEM Trying to show up some icons on a IconView using Drag and Drop

Néstor nestorac at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 09:28:55 WST 2009


I'm trying to build an application which converts between formats. I
plan to do it using two IconViews: one for the input, and another one
just at the side for the output. That way, the user drags and drops
one file into the input IconView, then she can see that file listed,
and the backend program starts to convert it, then generating the
output at the other IconView. Internally, a temporal file would be
generated transparently for the user, and then another one for the
output also. But when the user drags the file from the output
IconView, it gets the proper name (not the randomly generated temporal

Until now, I have programmed the InputView, and give it the ability to
input a file which gets listed (anything happens to that file: it's
only displayed). I attach the current application. How can I show up
the icon for the file which is dragged into it?? Also, how can I
display a proper name (only the filename, not the path) linking that
name to a temporal file with random filename?? This is necessary to
hide the user the complicated name of the temporal files, and also to
give the application some consistency.

I have also a related question: How can I stablish a relationship
between this icon and the file with different name? I don't understand
that point in the documentation. Of course, I have read it

Thank you!! Any ideas are welcome, I'm just a beginner.

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