[pygtk] gtk.TreeView Multiple Selection + Drag and Drop

nbd nbd at free.fr
Tue Feb 17 20:11:18 WST 2009

> I've made lot of research ( on the web ) to find a way or a sample code
> to show me how to select multiple item in a Treeview ( with liststore
> ) and Drag and Drop them in the same Treeview,
> a kind of manual reorder of selected row.
> Actually i can select multiple row in my TreeView, but the thing is,
> when i want to drag the selected rows, i lost the selection
> and it drag and drop only the item clicked....
> Can you help me on this please ? i'm not sure that is possible, but if
> you have a good tips to do that, i'll very happy.
Hello, did you found an answer for this problem ?
I have the same question : is drag and drop and multiple selection
compatible ?


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