[pygtk] Threads in PyGTK: keep typing while ping-ing

Frédéric frederic.mantegazza at gbiloba.org
Wed Feb 18 02:25:35 WST 2009

On mardi 17 février 2009, Mamahita Sela wrote:

> Dear Frédéric,
> > 2) launching only one thread, and in the run method, do an
> > endless loop,
> > pinging and sleeping
> Your second idea is also very interesting. I tried and everything is
> working perfectly. The only drawback is the ping process become very
> slow :) But no problem on GUI drawing :)
> Previously, i always think that i have to start many threads, each to
> ping one host (or do anything else).
> I note that i have to sleep for several hundreds ms. If i do not sleep,
> the ping become messed up (skipping some hosts, etc). Is it because it
> run too fast (especially for reply host)?

I don't know; network stuff is sometimes very annoying...

could you show us the complete code, to make a test?



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