[pygtk] ImportError: DLL load failed

John Ehresman jpe at wingware.com
Tue Feb 24 06:07:14 WST 2009

Martin Walser wrote:
> John wrote:
>> Sorry, I missed that.  Then you probably need to compile and install the
>> debug version of pygtk; I don't think mixing a debug python build with
>> non-debug extension modules works.  
> The debug version is basically another python_d.exe and it's libs/dlls.
> The release version is also built and it's the release version (python.exe
> without _d) that complains because of a missing DLL.
> So this shouldn't really be the problem.

Then the fact that you've built the debug version is not relevant.  Are 
you using the python.exe that you built or the one from python.org?  You 
probably want to use the one from python.org if you want to use the 
prebuilt pygtk binaries.  If you need to use the version you built, then 
you either need to rebuild pygtk or deal with the C runtime issue and 
any problems that arise from using different runtimes.  My short answer 
is that if you're going to build the interpreter, then build the 
extension modules with the same compiler.



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