[pygtk] Printing inquiries

Peter Gill peter.m.gill at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 12:23:49 WST 2009

Bertrand Son Kintanar wrote:
> does anyone here has a working code for printing? I have a table in my
> sqlite database that I want to print and the sample code in pygtk-demo
> takes its input from a gtk.TextView and i cant make the sample
> draw-page callback that can be found here to work.

I have attached a small sample program that I know works on ubuntu 8.04
and 8.10.  The program lets you select a text file and gives you four
options; you can have the print dialog display, print immediately,
export to pdf, or have a print preview. All that you would have to do is
supply the PrintExample class the data (as a string) from your database
and the type of action you want it to take.  The draw_page callback that
is in the attachment is shown here. 

    def draw_page (self, operation, context, page_number):
        cr = context.get_cairo_context()
        cr.set_source_rgb(0, 0, 0)

        start_line = page_number * self.lines_per_page
        if page_number + 1 != operation.props.n_pages:
            end_line = start_line + self.lines_per_page
            end_line = self.layout.get_line_count()

        cr.move_to(0, 0)

        iter = self.layout.get_iter()
        while 1:
            if i > start_line:
                line = iter.get_line()
                cr.rel_move_to(0, self.font_size/2)
            i += 1
            if not (i < end_line and iter.next_line()):

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