[pygtk] date & multiline cell renderers for sqlkit

Osmo Salomaa otsaloma at cc.hut.fi
Thu Jan 8 14:21:52 WST 2009

ke, 2009-01-07 kello 13:13 +0100, Pietro Battiston kirjoitti:
> Maybe [2] could bring you some inspiration.
> Notice however that on my pygtk installation (and probably in yours) it
> is broken: while the standard renderer is ok (but goes monoline in edit
> mode, and it's ugly to treat the newline as a character), the modified
> one allows editing, but in a totally unfriendly way since you don't see
> what you are editing (I imagine this worked instead when this example
> was written, but I don't know if it's a bug which should be filed or an
> error of the writer of the example).
> There are other multiline renderers examples around, but I couldn't find
> another one which can be edited. 

That is and old post of mine and consider it deprecated. It subclasses
gtk.GenericCellRenderer, which is unnecessary these days. You can
subclass gtk.CellRendererText directly. You just need to define
'do_start_editing' method and forget about all the rendering methods in
that gtk.GenericCellRenderer subclass.

This is not the first time I've received a question about that old post.
I'll try to post later code for a basic multiline cell renderer.

        —  Osmo Salomaa

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