[pygtk] PyWebkitGtk or PyGtkMozembed with self-signed certificates

Franck Pommereau pommereau at univ-paris12.fr
Wed Jan 14 18:12:23 WST 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to use PyWebkitGtk or PyGtkMozembed in order to display web
pages from an HTTPS server. The problem is that the server uses a
self-signed certificate and this causes a freezing of my application
with both libraries. I don't really mind which one to use, any
JavaScript capable browser would be acceptable for my application.

When using PyGtkMozembed, a dialog pops up explaining that the
certificate is not trusted and why. If I click OK, the application freezes.

When using PyWebkitGtk I have to set environment variable
WEBKIT_IGNORE_SSL_ERRORS=1 in order to have the browser accept anything.
Then, it works for some pages but freezes on others. When freezing, it
consumes 100% CPU, which is not the case for PyGtkMozembed.

Firefox, Epiphany (moz based), and Arora (webkit based) all work
correctly after I accept the certificate. If I replace the self-signed
certificate with one signed by my own (unknown) CA, the problem is
exactly the same.

Is there any solution in order to provide the CA certificate to the
browser, or force it to accept a self-signed certificate?

Thank you in advance for any help, I did not find anything that could
solve my problem in Google.


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