[pygtk] Gui Locks up after button clicked. (extensive process started)

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Wed Jan 28 04:15:40 WST 2009

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You need to start a thread for that process. Nothing that blocks
(socket operations ,etc) can be done from the GTK main thread.
Likewise, no gui operations can be done from the non-GTK main thread.
Immunity uses a "gui_queue()" for this, but there's probably other
ways in the FAQ for it as well.


- -dave

Riley Porter wrote:
> I know I am missing something but say I have a pygtk interface all
> designed and when I click start on a button it triggers a process
> what takes about 10 mins to complete.  During this time the button
> stays down and I cannot do anything else on the gui.  Shortly after
>  the GUI becomes "un-usable" and locks up.  What am I doing wrong
> here?  Is there a way around this?  I am assuming you need to use a
>  type of thread or somthing however I do not know?
> Any comments would be great!
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