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Data Analysis Australia

Our People






Data Analysis Australia employs over 15 permanent staff consisting of statisticians, mathematicians, IT professionals and support staff. All consultants have strong academic qualifications and maintain their professional knowledge through attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars and courses.   


To find out more about our staff, see the table below and follow the links to our other staff pages.  For more about what each consulting level means, click here.



Chief Consultant Statistician/Managing Director

Dr John Henstridge



Winthrop Prof Cheryl Praeger

Managing and Senior Consultants

Principal Managing Consultant Statistician

Anna Munday


Senior Managing Consultant Statistician

Donna Hill   


Senior Technical Consultant Statistician

Dr Kathy Haskard


Senior Managing Consultant Mathematician

Dr Linda Eaton


Managing Consultant Statistician

Dr Tamra Chapman


Senior Consultant Statistician

Luke Mullins   

Yuichi Yano

Elyse Corless



Consultant Statistician

Marzieh Mehryar

Sarah Bruce


Graduate Statistician

Katy Proctor

Graeme Ward

Support Staff

Systems Administrator

Chris Wake


Assistant Systems Administrator

Ashlin Donnellan


Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Lyn Shepherd


Fieldwork Manager/Consulting Assistance

Marion Jackson


Administrative Support and Executive Assistant to the Principal Managing Consultant

Petra Roberts


Currently on Maternity Leave:

Personal Assistant to the Managing Director

Dr Emma Black




Data Analysis Australia maintains close links with relevant professional bodies through membership, accreditation, sponsorship and active participation. The company regards these links as vital in maintaining the professional status of consultants to complement formal ongoing training.