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Data Analysis Australia


Elyse Corless elyse(at)
BSc (Hons) (Murdoch)
Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 5 years
Total Industry Experience: 5 years

Data Analysis Australia welcomed Elyse to the team in November 2011, and she has considerably enhanced her Consulting skills during this time. Her area of expertise is in applied statistics, and she is a valuable contributor to all stages in the progression of a project, from design and analysis to review and quality assurance of reporting. The broad range of projects that Elyse has contributed towards include repeated measures analysis to test the effectiveness of vaccines, the analysis of community surveys with regards to liquor licencing applications, and the development of a wind farm generation forecast model for Western Power. Elyse graduated from Murdoch University with Honours in Mathematics and Statistics in 2011. Her Honours thesis was in the area of causal inference, which has applications to a variety of fields, such as medical research. Preceding her Honours year, Elyse completed a double degree majoring in Conservation Biology, Environmental Restoration and Mathematics and Statistics.

Marzieh Mehryar marzieh(at)
BSc (Isfahan University)
MSc (Shahid Beheshti University)
Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: <1 year
Total Industry Experience: 7 years 

Marzieh has several years’ statistical experience, working in a range of fields including performance management analysis, quality management and system analysis.  Marzieh graduated from Shahid Beheshti University with Honours in Applied Statistics in 2010.  While completing a Master’s degree, she was a member of a faculty research committee where she gained experience in working with large datasets on projects requiring complex models.  In recognition of her achievements while in this position Marzieh received an award for the best research analyst in her faculty.

Sarah Bruce sarah(at)
BSc (Curtin)
Graduate Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 2 years
Total Industry Experience: 2 years

Since Sarah joined the Data Analysis Australia team, she has worked on a broad range of projects such as infection rate analysis, utilities forecasting and designing and creating online surveys. The projects Sarah has been involved in have required a variety of statistical techniques, including regression modelling, mixed effects analysis and meta-analysis, and the preparation and analysis of complex input data. Sarah has also been a key member of the team working in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, undertaking an actuarial valuation of Australia’s social security and income support system for the Department of Social Services. On a number of projects Sarah has used VBA, R and SAS to automate programs improving the accuracy and efficiency of analysis and reporting tasks, and she presented on this topic at the 2015 Young Statisticians Conference in Adelaide. Sarah started working at Data Analysis Australia shortly after completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Curtin University.

Katy Proctor katy(at)
Graduate Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: <1 year
Total Industry Experience: <1 year 

Katy recently completed a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Physics and Mathematics (Pure and Applied). During her studies, she was awarded two scholarships to pursue her research interests.  She utilised her knowledge in applied mathematics on a research project in UWA’s School of Physics where she developed a numerical model for spin wave propagation through bilayered films. Katy is looking forward to applying her mathematics knowledge practically at Data Analysis Australia and has been working on aspects of forecasting electricity demand by analysing historical load profiles.

Graeme Ward graeme(at)
BSc (Hons) (Curtin)
Graduate Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: <1 year
Total Industry Experience: <1 year 

Graeme joined the Data Analysis Australia team after completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) majoring in Applied Mathematics at Curtin University. His honours project saw him working with Tennis Australia to investigate the tournament schedules of professional tennis players and create predictive models to determine the likely change in ranking for a player undertaking a given schedule. Graeme hopes to continue building his skills in applied statistics as he undertakes a wide variety of projects at Data Analysis Australia.