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Data Analysis Australia

Managing Consultants

Anna Munday anna(at)
BSc (Hons) (UWA), AStat
Principal Managing Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 15+ years
Total Industry Experience: 15+ years

Working Days: Mon - Wed, Fri

Anna's extensive experience in statistical consulting and strong leadership skills has made her an integral member of Data Analysis Australia's Executive.  Through managing Data Analysis Australia's Consulting Team, Anna provides leadership and direction to the company and monitors all projects undertaken by Consultants.  Anna combines her experience from working in the Methodology Division of the Australian Bureau of Statistics with her consulting experience at Data Analysis Australia to provide clients with high quality and sound statistical advice in a variety of areas.  She has particular expertise in statistical analysis, forecasting, survey design and analysis, data management, programming in statistical and database software packages, project management and report writing.  Her clients include Federal, State and Local Government Agencies and private organisations.  Whether the project is large or small, Anna emphasises appropriateness, accuracy, auditability, timeliness and efficiency of all work undertaken by the Data Analysis Australia team.

Donna Hill donna(at)
BSc (Hons) (ECU) 
Senior Managing Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 15+ years
Total Industry Experience: 15+ years

Donna brings a wealth of experience to Data Analysis Australia's Executive, having managed or worked on over 250 client projects.  Donna's broad range of experience and practical statistical skills mean she is perfectly positioned to develop innovative solutions for clients who present problems that are often unique in either their application or nature.  Donna has particular experience in statistical modelling, spatial analysis and survey design and analysis.  She has undertaken projects for clients across many industries including mining, energy and road safety for applications as diverse as the analysis and modelling of the recovery rates of metal from ore, to developing a risk assessment tool for a national agricultural investment company, to predicting electricity consumption for a given temperature forecast.  Her experience in surveys is also extensive, having designed and analysed surveys for many applications.  Some examples include designing a stated preference survey to assess potential demand for a high-speed rail link between Perth and Bunbury, using segmentation analysis to identify how different groups may behave in the future, assessing community attitudes to Groundwater Replenishment and analysing where and how people travel on a day-to-day basis in order to provide a depth of information for strategic planning for both public and private transport networks.  Donna's experience, expertise and dedicated and friendly manner make her a key staff member both to her peers and clients alike. 


Dr Kathy Haskard kathy(at) 
BSc (Hons) (Adelaide), MSc (La Trobe), PhD (Adelaide) 
Senior Technical Consultant Statistician
Vice-President, Statistical Society of Australia (WA Branch)
DAA Consulting Experience: 6 years
Total Industry Experience: 35+ years

Kathy joined Data Analysis Australia in July 2011, bringing over thirty years' experience in statistical consulting and research, mainly in agricultural, fisheries, environmental and ecological areas, having worked in several public sector organisations around Australia and at Rothamsted Research in the United Kingdom.  Kathy relishes the variety of subject matters in which statistical consulting enables her to work, and prides herself on attention to detail, clear and accurate reporting, and communicating statistical ideas to people from a broad array of backgrounds.  Since joining Data Analysis Australia, Kathy has worked across a wide range of projects, including an independent review of social housing demand models, statistical publications relating to consumption of liquor, a study of methods to estimate the strength of wooden power poles, and a large simulation model for the operation of a major port facility.  She has also analysed or advised on statistical design and analysis for experiments involving saltbush in the diets of sheep, the effectiveness of influenza vaccines, assessing the effects of an intervention to reduce pressure on a public utility, and developing guidelines for statistical analysis of laboratory assays.  Kathy is practiced in a wide range of statistical techniques, particularly design and analysis of experiments and surveys, generalised linear models, linear mixed models and geostatistical spatial analysis using REML.

Dr Linda Eaton
BSc (Hons), PhD (Murdoch) 
Senior Managing Consultant Mathematician
DAA Consulting Experience: 6 years (4 years FTE)
Total Industry Experience: 12 years (9 years FTE)

Working Days: Mon, Wed, Thurs

Linda's extensive theoretical knowledge of mathematics and statistics has been enhanced by her experience applying this knowledge to real world situations, including problems in fisheries resource management, insurance claims and risk analysis.  With a background in natural resource management she has a particular interest in problems occurring in the natural sciences.  Her diversity of work has included analysing data sets to provide certified values for gold standards and understanding the relationships between bee attributes and honey production.  Linda has worked closely with Oceanica Consulting to develop and conduct the monitoring and impact study of the Cockburn Sound Desalination plant.  Linda has extensive experience in the presentation of results to a variety of audiences, ranging from scientists at international conferences to industry representatives and stakeholders.  


Dr Tamra Chapman tamra(at)
B.App.Sc. (South Australia), M.Sc. (Adelaide), Ph. D. (Adelaide)
Managing Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: <1 years
Total Industry Experience: 15+ years

Tamra has many years of experience in analysing data needed to manage wildlife populations and interactions between humans and wildlife having worked on threatened species recovery programs in South Australia and Western Australia as a wildlife ecologist.  Tamra developed a special interest in statistics and spatial analysis during her role as a Zoologist and Research Scientist (Analytical Ecologist) at the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Perth where she worked for 14 years before joining Data Analysis Australia.  She is looking forward to working on a broad range of topics at Data Analysis Australia and has already drawn on her previous experience to provide statistical advice on monitoring the impact of mining on threatened plant populations.