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Data Analysis Australia

Senior Consultants

Luke Mullins luke(at)
BMath, MMSc (QUT)
Senior Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 3 years
Total Industry Experience: 9 years

Following six years in the public and private sectors, Luke joined the Data Analysis Australia team in September 2013. Adapting quickly to the commercial consulting environment, Luke has made valuable contributions to a number of projects. Examples of his work include the enhancement of a demand forecasting tool for the Western Australian Water Corporation, and the analysis of financial liability data for the Department of Defence. Whilst working in the public health sector, Luke utilised a number of sophisticated statistical techniques including survival analysis, queuing simulation and time series analysis to evaluate critical issues such as bed availability and time-to-treatment. His previous experience also includes optimising material flow within mining operations, and data extraction and processing within the SAS Business Analytics software. Luke completed a Masters in statistical modelling at Queensland University of Technology, and also holds a Bachelor of Mathematics qualification from the same institution.

Yuichi Yano yuichi(at)
BSc, MSc (ECU)
Senior Consultant Statistician
DAA Consulting Experience: 7 years
Total Industry Experience: 7 years

Since joining Data Analysis Australia in 2010, Yuichi has developed expertise through working with a variety of clients from different sectors, on projects covering a diverse set of application areas.  He has used modelling techniques including linear models and generalised additive models in applications as varied as estimating ground moisture concentration and modelling the throughput of an ore grinding circuit.  As a particular example, Yuichi has been involved in the development of an electricity consumption forecasting tool for Horizon Power, where he analysed seasonal change in electricity consumption, and corrected for the seasonal effects to estimate underlying trends in power usage.  Yuichi also formed part of a project team that developed random draw programs to deliver unbiased random draw results, working effectively under the constraints of multiple security protocols.  Yuichi gained experience in geostatistical modelling during his Master’s degree at Edith Cowan University, where he analysed the relationship between air pollutant concentration and asthma hospitalisation risk in Perth.