Analytical Ideas

Data Analysis Australia has created a series of short papers titled Analytical Ideas, which discuss developments that are relevant to our clients and provide an insight into our approach to solving problems. A range of topics have already been covered and new papers will be added on a regular basis.

Sport and Statistics: A ‘match’ made in heaven

Sport is entering the ‘big data’ age.  More data on sports matches can be collected than ever before, both enabling and almost demanding statistical analysis on all aspects of sport.  These include devising game strategies, analysing team performance, and optimising tournament fixtures.

In June 2017, Graduate Statistician Graeme Ward attended the MathSport International 2017 conference in Padua, Italy, which was devoted to using mathematics and statistics in sporting applications.   This analytical ideas article provides an overview of the conference itself, as well as looking further at two of the major topics covered in the presentations; predicting match outcomes and creating tournament schedule.

WA State Election 2017

Election results are decided by a collection of outcomes across the 59 seats in WA’s Legislative Assembly.  However, ultimately it is the transfer of a small proportion of these seats from one Party to another that produces a change in government, or not. Leading up to the state election on March 11, our latest Analytical Ideas article uses cartograms (a type of map using distortion) to visualise electorates across the whole state, which Party currently holds each seat and which seats Labor needs to gain if they are to achieve a majority.

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