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Data Analysis Australia

Data Analysis Australia is the leading statistical and data analytic consultancy in Australia. From the beginning, a defining trait of our work has been combining the latest concepts in statistics, mathematics, data analytics and computational sciences with business understanding and practicality to deliver relevant insights and recommendations to our clients - work that is often used for strategic decision making purposes. Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide workable solutions to difficult problems across all industries and our strength lies in our flexible approach to integrating the below services to provide cost effective and applicable solutions for clients.  If you are interested in gaining valuable business analytics from your data, please contact us.

Positions Available

Data Analysis Australia is seeking statistical and analytical consultant/s from Graduate level to those with a few years’ experience to join our motivated statistical, mathematical and data science consulting team. 

For information on how to apply, please visit our Careers page.



Company News

Australian Statistical Conference

Members of the Data Analysis Australia team presented at the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics and Australian Statistical Conference 201 8, in Melbourne, from the 26-30th of August. John Henstridge spoke about the use of statistics to analyse the impact of mining on valuable Indigenous rock art, Anna Hayes on the challenge of diversity in statistical consulting, and Kim Carter on the handling of large datasets. Brett Andrijich presented a poster on using Customer Segmentation to drive sales and retention.

Welcome Back

In mid-July, Data Analysis Australia welcomed back Emma Black from parental leave. Emma returns in her role as Senior Managing Consultant Statistician, and we are very pleased to have such an experienced and capable person back in our ranks.

Practicum in Statistics

As part of our commitment to the development of our next generation of statisticians, Donna Hill and Graeme Ward are supervising a third year student from the University of Western Australia, Oscar Jungstedt, in a practical research project. Oscar is investigating random number generation, with a view to assessing the quality of the randomness in some of the most widely used analysis tools available.

Latest Newsletter

October 2018

We focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning in our October Newsletter, from the ethical considerations of algorithms through to the risks involved in having too little human input in analyses.

As we celebrate Data Analysis Australia’s 30th anniversary, learn more about our Managing Director and founder, Dr John Henstridge.