Brett Andrijich


Brett Andrijich
B.Sc. (Hons) (Murdoch)
Senior Managing Consultant Statistician

Brett has strong business acumen and is a proven performer in providing commercial recommendations through the use of analytics.

He has had experience working in both Senior Management and Data Scientist roles where he has been involved in providing analytical expertise to a number of sectors including Health, Aged Care, Sports and Property.

Brett has had an extensive career in the analytics and strategy space previously having managed the Data Analytics department at HBF and the Strategy Execution team at Silver Chain. This has included product and pricing development, marketing activity analysis, identifying cost saving initiatives and industry and market analysis.

Brett is an avid sports fan, watching and playing as much sports as possible. Unfortunately, his talent does not match his enthusiasm, scoring 31 runs for the entire cricket season last year, whilst not scoring a goal in his last 48 indoor soccer matches.