Keegan O'Mahoney


Keegan O'Mahoney
BSc (Hons) (University College Cork)
Senior Consultant Statistician

Keegan has a strong mathematical and statistical background having studying Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences at University College Cork, during which he received 2 Quercus College Scholarships for his high performance. He also ranked first in mathematics in Ireland before entering university.

Prior to joining Data Analysis Australia, Keegan had experience working in the transport and online sports betting industries. He designed automated solutions to help manage risk and optimise performance. Keegan’s ability to deep dive into a problem and make sense of complex pieces of data is one of his biggest skills. He also has a knack for explaining technical topics to a non-technical audience, with experience tutoring both individually and to groups.

Outside of work Keegan loves playing basketball, watching sports, and fantasy football. He also loves board games and is an avid chess player, having competed in the world junior championship in Russia.