Lachlan Robinson


Lachlan Robinson
BSc (Hons) (University of Western Australia)
Consultant Statistician

Lachlan initially completed his undergraduate degree in both Mathematics and Data Science before undertaking Honours in Statistics at UWA.  He graduated with First Class Honours and was the valedictorian of the School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing. 

Previously having worked as an analyst at BHP, he has developed technical skills in data manipulation and visualisation.  Also, after having taught first year statistics at UWA, he is able to explain complex statistical concepts in a way such that anyone can understand.  Lachlan is very passionate about statistics and hopes to reduce any client’s apprehension or fear associated with the topic and to demonstrate its wondrous capabilities.

Aside from work, Lachlan is an avid TV watcher but also enjoys spending time playing a diverse collection of social sports ranging from mixed netball to ultimate frisbee.