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Interactive Dashboards

Data Analysis Australia is experienced in translating findings into a form that is designed specifically for our clients' needs whether it is providing insights in a formal report, presentation or interactive tool.  We are highly skilled at programming and are able to provide a tailored product to client's software and develop sophisticated graphics individualised for the purpose at hand.  Examples of our capabilities include:

  • Interactive Dashboards for monitoring progress, allowing the user to dig deeper into issues;
  • Excel User Tools with a user friendly interface and complex analysis, modelling or forecasting in the background; and
  • Live online web application to monitor near real-time data and provide alerts and notifications to assist with critical decision making.

Click here to explore our interactive dashboards or contact us at to discuss further with our friendly team.

Analytical Ideas

Explore our Interactive Dashboards

Visually appealing, interactive and easy to use – dashboards are effective tools for KPI management, tracking and day to day operational performance. To demonstrate, we have developed some interactive dashboards for a fictional ice cream company Jen and Terry’s, in their battle for market share with rival Batman-Robbins.

These dashboards are fully customisable and have been developed using the free statistical package R. This means that unlike other dashboard packages, we can develop a bespoke dashboard solution for you that won’t involve expensive licensing fees to develop and maintain.

Excel Tool Design

Clients will often wish to work interactively with the results from our analysis.  For example, they may wish to apply predictive models to future cases, or to select various subsets of the data to analyse, or to examine the effects on resource forecasting of changing various factor levels.  Developing a front end to often sophisticated simulation and modelling systems is one way to allow the client to achieve this.  To this end, Data Analysis Australia is increasingly finding the use of custom-designed tools, developed in various software packages such as R or Excel, to be an effective means of communicating and translating analysis results.  These are designed to be readily understood and interactively used by both the client and their target audience.