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Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Spatial data and information arises in many fields.  Some of the areas that Data Analysis Australia has used spatial analysis include:

  • Human geography, which uses Census data on where people live and how they live their lives;
  • Mining data, which often has geochemical measurements located in two or three dimensions;
  • Transport planning that needs to consider what is close to certain routes and how the network is connected;
  • Ecological data, where records consist of locations of endangered trees; and 
  • Epidemiological data that records the locations of persons with a health condition.

Data Analysis Australia's consultants understand spatial data using best practice statistical analysis including all standard geostatistcal and spatial points process methods.  These methods can answer questions from "is this cluster of disease just due to chance?" through to "what is the best estimate of ore grades in this mine?".

In addition to this, we have up-to-date Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities, ensuring that we make full use of maps as a powerful tool to visualise and communicate research results.  Using such packages, our consultants are able to produce accurate and detailed map projections that overlay data from multiple sources.

Data Analysis Australia consultants' expertise in spatial analysis and mapping includes:

  • Community profiling and demographic analysis to understand the population and resources of particular catchment areas and identify locations with selected attributes;
  • Locational analysis, used to optimise the location of services and infrastructure by identifying sites with surrounding populations or resources that best match a desired set of criteria; and
  • Spatial demand modelling, used to determine where services and infrastructure are needed most by locating areas with high demand or gaps in services.

Industry Case Studies

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