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Understanding the simple rules that underlie the complexity of our world

Data Analysis Australia is the largest commercial statistical and mathematical consultancy in Australia.  This position was established through a dedication to demonstrating the relevance and usefulness of statistics and mathematics to real world problems.  To us, these skills are not those of academia but those of the workplace.  Their application gives a key advantage to any business.

Data Analysis Australia provides the complete strategic information consultancy service, using complementary skills in management, spatial systems and information technology to guide boardroom decisions.

Our philosophy is that our set of analytical and strategic skills can be applied to all industries and all problems. Our particular expertise lies in our ability to combine skills from each of our key areas to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients' needs. These key areas are:

It's the people that make it happen 

Data Analysis Australia employs exceptional people who are highly skilled in the applied quantitative sciences of statistics, mathematics, geographical information systems, finance and information systems. What makes our consultants unique is their ability to combine their technical knowledge with strong communication skills in a business environment.

Our team-based approach links the best consultants to the task.

Our consultants work together, drawing on each other's skills and experience to provide cross-disciplinary solutions. Data Analysis Australia's approach means that within each project team is the best consultant for each task. We are able to deliver a better, cost and time efficient consultancy service to our clients.

We work in partnership with clients to understand the real problem at hand and then devise the solution and strategy for its application. Data Analysis Australia's solutions use methodologies based on sound theoretical knowledge and strategic vision, carried out to our high standards of accuracy and appropriateness.

Data Analysis Australia maintains close links with the Statistical Society of Australia, Australian Institute of Management, Australian Mathematical Society, Australian Social and Market Research Society, Australian Society of Operations Research, Spatial Sciences Institute and the Geostatistical Association of Australasia. These links are vital to maintaining the professional status of our staff and to complement ongoing training.

We are proud of our profession and are avid supporters of the next generation of statisticians. To this end, we sponsor various professional initiatives including the highly successful Western Australian Young Statisticians Group and provide talks and learning opportunities for undergraduates.

 "A one-stop shop for all your quantitative business needs."