Dr Cheryl Praeger

Dr Cheryl Praeger cheryl@daa.com.au
AM, BSc, MSc (Qld.), MSc, DPhil (Oxon.), DSc (UWA), Hon. DSc (PSU), Dr Hon Caus (ULB), FAA, FAustMS, FTICA, AMusA
Winthrop  Professor (UWA)


Cheryl is one of the most prestigious and prolific Mathematicians in Australia. She is world renowned for her research and contributions to the mathematics of symmetry, having received multiple honorary doctorates from across the globe, including Thailand, Belgium, Iran, Scotland and Slovenia.

She has been highly decorated throughout her career, including

  • Western Australian Scientist of the Year;
  • Member of the Order of Australia;
  • The first female in 78 years to receive the Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal;
  • Member of the Western Australian Women's Hall of Fame; and
  • Member of the Western Australian Science Hall of Fame.

Cheryl is passionate about giving back to society, actively promoting the involvement of women in mathematics and science in the community.  She has been Foreign Secretary of the Australian Academy of Science and has run mentoring programs for women in mathematics and is a long serving board member of the Australian Mathematics Trust and chair of the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee.