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Data Analysis Australia

Our business is to understand your business, to help you ask the right questions and to do the right analytics to answer them. As the leading analytics consultancy in Australia, Data Analysis Australia has been helping businesses solve problems using smarter analytics since 1988.

If you are interested in gaining valuable business analytics from your data, please contact us.

Data-Driven Business Insights

We are an innovative company that wants to solve your data problems – our clients are our number one priority! We spend time to ensure that we understand each and every client’s problem so that we can provide them with the best possible solution. Learn why you should use us.

Our team of statisticians and data scientists are experienced in providing useful and actionable insights that will help your business succeed. We use the latest and greatest innovations in statistics, data science and machine learning giving us a diverse skill set that can approach any problem that you may have. Meet our team.

Our Services

Statistical Data Science

Analyse, visualise, and model data using the latest statistical and data science techniques


Develop, carry out and analyse surveys to understand perception and find business insights

Forecasting and Prediction

Discover trends and predict the future with data

Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Learn how data is spatially correlated to inform strategy

Business and Risk Analysis

Understand how risk and uncertainty can be minimised in business decisions

Big Data and Machine Learning

Uncover trends and relationships to gain valuable insights from big data

Simulation and Optimisation

Determine the optimal way to operate in the future

Mining Analytics

Improve processes and uncover new insights

Interactive Dashboards

Make informed decisions from real-time data with intuitive visuals and information