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Dr John Henstridge

Dr John Henstridge |

BSc (Flinders), PhD (ANU), CStat, AStat, AFAIM, QPMR
Managing Director
Chief Consultant Statistician
Vice-President, Statistical Society of Australia

John Henstridge is one of Australia’s most eminent Statisticians. In a career spanning 40 years, he has been recognised as a national leader in developing solutions to real world data problems, through modern technology and innovative statistics.

Since founding Data Analysis Australia in 1988, John has managed the company’s growth into the largest commercial group of Statisticians and Mathematicians in Australia.

John’s particular strength is in quickly understanding complex systems, envisioning the approach to a solution and providing strategic and actionable advice.

John is highly experienced in delivering results across a plethora of industries including government, commercial and legal.

John has held the position of National President with the Statistical Society of Australia and is a Fellow and Chartered Statistician with the Royal Statistical Society in the United Kingdom.

Making statistics relevant is what John is passionate about. He is a strong advocator for the next generation of Statisticians and Mathematicians, through sponsorships of the Junior Maths Olympiad and the Young Statisticians Conference and providing work experience opportunities for High School and University students.

Outside of the office John's interests include photography, especially of birds, woodwork and learning how to use a milling machine.