Happy Birthday to Us

2018 has been a milestone year for Data Analysis Australia – we hit the big 30!  From humble beginnings as a one-man-show in 1988, we’ve grown to be Australia’s largest commercial statistical, mathematical and data analytics consultancy and have maintained that status for many years.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal clients, who keep coming back for more, and our newer clients, who we hope will follow suit.   
Of course, Data Analysis Australia wouldn’t be the same without our people, and we also thank all current and former staff members for their unique and wonderful contributions.  

Our motto of “Making statistics and mathematics relevant” is paired with a philosophy of providing value for money and ensuring appropriately rigorous statistics in all that we do.  We treat every new project as an opportunity to help make our clients’ lives easier – their working lives at least – by providing them with insights, information and recommendations and helping them to develop strategies to overcome challenges they are facing.
In our 30 years we have helped clients from individuals to small businesses to Government Departments to multi-national corporations, with budgets from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars.  It’s hard to think of an industry that we haven’t worked in, and one of our key strengths is our ability to immediately see how to apply techniques developed in one area to what is a seemingly unrelated area. 

We also pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the issues, ensuring we use the most appropriate approach instead of making the problem fit a particular solution.  There’s a saying that “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, but we have a full toolbox from which to choose the best tool for each job.

Innovation has always been a fact of life for Data Analysis Australia.  From developing web-based data entry systems and online surveys in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when such things were still quite rare, to working with “big data” today, we try to be at the front of the curve to ensure we can provide efficient and effective solutions.  
We’ve also seen many new terms arise to describe what we would simply call “applied statistics”.  So, if you need assistance with data analytics, data science, statistics, mathematics, data mining, biostatistics, geostatistics or anything with the suffix “metrics” then we’re the team for you.  We can not only do the analytics, but also understand the right analytics for a given situation.

December 2018