Analytical Ideas

Data Analysis Australia has created a series of short papers titled Analytical Ideas, which discuss developments that are relevant to our clients and provide an insight into our approach to solving problems. A range of topics have already been covered and new papers will be added on a regular basis.

Explore our Interactive Dashboards

Visually appealing, interactive and easy to use – dashboards are effective tools for KPI management, tracking and day to day operational performance. To demonstrate, we have developed some interactive dashboards for a fictional ice cream company Jen and Terry’s, in their battle for market share with rival Batman-Robbins.

These dashboards are fully customisable and have been developed using the free statistical package R. This means that unlike other dashboard packages, we can develop a bespoke dashboard solution for you that won’t involve expensive licensing fees to develop and maintain.

Click here to explore our Jen and Terry’s dashboard or contact us at to discuss further with our friendly team.

Where, when and from whom should you buy your fuel?

Fuel costs are significant for Australian households. Simple aggregation indicates that fuel prices in WA undergo a weekly price cycle – however this does not provide the whole story.  Averaging can smooth over important variation and details.  Statisticians look to understand variation rather than simply regarding it as a nuisance.  Segmentation can assist with this.

In this article, Data Analysis Australia segments fuel prices (provided by the WA Fuel Watch website) to understand price variations and provide insights and segments driven by time, location, brand and fuel type.

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