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How Real is Artificial Intelligence?

With the term first coined back in the 1950s, artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way from a science fiction fantasy.  In its iterative machine learning form, it has been a tool used by statisticians for many years, with applications in methods as fundamental as regression. 

These days, easy-to-use AI platforms give the user the ability to “let the computer do the thinking”, with less and less direction required.  Data Analysis Australia provides the human conduit between the smart algorithms and your data, as needed to ensure meaningful and valid results.

Big Data is Not New

Today there is much talk about “big data”, with the assumption that this is a new and challenging area of analytics. From as far back as the 1880’s when Herman Hollerith invented punched cards to tabulate census records, statisticians have found creative solutions to deal with big data challenges. Data Analysis Australia is doing modern big data.  But we are also continuing the tradition of statisticians who, for over a century, have applied the available technology with theory to solve problems.

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